Friday, May 12, 2006

The Oath Notes

If anyone was wanting insight into the state of my mind during the viewing of my own film, I stumbled across a pristine example. Posted below are notes I took while watching an edit of The Oath back in January [19th, to be exact]. For some reason, I typed these in the computer. So they, unlike a novel of hand-written notes now residing at the local landfill, have been saved for posterity.

I don't even know what many of these mean anymore, which I guess is a good thing.


David Attebury & Erin Arnold in "Scene 11" The Oath.

Live type opening
Foggy fade out in 0
Live Type Credits
Castle broll
Handwriting will broll
Pan up for scene
Helene –look alright alright
Set ladle down looks odd
Wise to welcome him –sound
Pan bounce when claire comes off stairs
More pause before so embarrassing -?
How barbaric then linger
Appreciate your concern –could come in after pause?
Look at 1st stick hand off
Servant and services reaction from Mat is too extreme I think
Look at renard hop up in 4
Look at Simone reveal
Tone down too loud sound
Thank you julien shorter pause that is what I have told him 6
Go through and find unscripted ADR
-phil’s altercation outside wth dr and ren
cut between master in scene 6

Loren Grush, Kayleen Clements, & Kristina Ramsey in "Scene 6" of The Oath.

"if the Lord has" cut pause down before line… he looks dumbstrucj
cuts are too fast in will scene
-save the speed for the climax of the will scene
put music back in will
put music throughout
confound it boy edit
pan for humbly take my leave
very well let us all
here luc’s voice before cut away from Claire –maybee put maddy back in helping her leave
slomo Julien’s reaction to Helene’s I know you have the ring
bearing burden line –too much like lotr??
Maybe cut Helene’s look to window just have her looking wryly at Jul
Look at scene 8
Look doc in 9 does it work??
Phil slomo look to Jul
Maybe only keep Claire a walk around the garden
Sustain master after Julien’s exit
I’m warm –look at it
Celestial beauty interchange –maybne rearrange lines
ADR-Julien! [I must speak]pan on Renard’
Pan on Renard’s approach
Maybe show renard approach first
Luc door open edit
Pan or edit on luc going to table
Speed up Doc hit Mat??
Phil 1st entrance second cut 15
Claire cut across in 15 all is undone??
pan on phil entrance 2
Excuse us slight longer pause on Santry
Liars slandering through ring reveal
Linger on Ren’s door slam slightly longer
Pan on horsey bidniss
Julien’s all her life decision
Were that I would marry one –close up on Claire sooner
More on maddy’s pullaway after kiss –the maddy angle
Add no it is how I will woin what is mine
Boom mic in desormeau who crossed me??
Remix fight music
Fight jump cut
Speed up pust to gate and knee in stomach
Put back girls running up after push through gate
Renard scream with stab
ADR –don’t kill me
Show Helene approachin Julien’s close up after Doc leaves
Forgive me –reedit profession of love –with sound
Maddy Hug come in later

Now, if I could just find some "Washington's Cross" notes...


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Who is that girl...and what is she doing tonight?

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You for got to add:

cut to renard and doctor laughing at dante falling asleep on the toilet.