Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Shake" it up!

My friend Asher Castillo, who I met during preproduction for "The Oath," is going to be doing some compositing and color correction work on the film with a program by Apple called "Shake." The following before and after still frames serve as one of the many miracles Asher was able to perform with this program for the film's trailer.

Santry Rush as Jaques Renard in the midst of the original, and dreadfully flat, lighting.

Here Santry, appears in lighting created by Asher Castillo in Apple's Shake.

In other news, I have finally posted Aletheia Stage & Film Co.'s mission on our website. You can also get a subtle sneak peak at our next project by clicking on the "coming soon" link and then clicking the photo of the silhoutted guy with the fro. Stay tuned! It's gonna be gear!

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