Monday, May 22, 2006

Stones (or Stone's) in the News

"This is offensive. Therefore, we must make it false." -Stone from "Washington's Cross"
Stone (played by Santry Rush) provides inspiration for a site chronicling contemporary examples of postmodernism's intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy.

The "Washington's Cross" Website is currently under construction, and I am excited to announce a special feature that will be on the site: a Stones in the News page. The site takes its name from the "Washington's Cross" character chiefly responsible for persecuting Phillip Washington for believing that George Washington crossed the Delaware. The "Stones" page will provide links to various articles about those in our society who exhibit Stone-like behavior. Subjects include: The latest attempt by radical homosexual activists to criminalize dissent; one high school's attempt to circumvent the 1st amendment by equating religious speech with profanity, and another school's banning of the Declaration of Independence because the founding document mentions God. Click here for a preview.

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Wil said...

does this also include stone phillips?