Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's Almost Been Like Making The Sequel

As much as I've said that I wish the film were done, I am for the most part enjoying the revisits to The Oath that post-production requires. Having to wait nearly a year to do this revisiting has its frustrations, but it also has its special rewards. It's been kind of like doing a sequel...a theraputic, closure-providing sequel.

In the midst of our postproduction duties, we are planning a return trip to Le Petite Chateau deLuxe in Mermentau, LA. I am very excited to go back. I love that house so much, and I will never forget the collective gasp released in the car when Beth, Kristina, and I first saw it emerge from a grove of trees.
I took this picture of Kristina Ramsey (holding the Bug), Elizabeth Doster, and Philip Desormeaux on our first visit to his Le Petite Chateau deLuxe in Mermentau, LA.

We knew when we left the Chateau last summer that we would need to return to get b-roll and various establishing shots. However, throughout the editing process, it became apparent that we would need a little more than that, which, at the time, was discouraging. I've never had to come back and reshoot after the wrapping of principal photography. Actually, let me rephrase that: I've never been able to. And, I thought, aside from Chateau b-roll, that would be the case with The Oath as well. However, learning that it can be done, that the resources can be regathered, that so many people who participated the first time are willing to come back, and that God will provide a way, when it seems so impossible, has been invaluable. Moreover, all the reshoots and add-ins vastly improve the quality of the film.
Principal Photography in July 2005: Production Designer, Elizabeth Doster looks on as Erin Arnold and Santry Rush patiently wait between takes.
Thank you Kristina, Beth, and all the actors for being willing to revisit this project with me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richie,
This is Meagan. I know that it has been wuite some time since I have spoken with Kristina...almost a year ago. BUT, I found y'all's website and wanted to let you all know that I am excited for you guys! I went to the oath website and to be honest I almost cried remembering the play. I think this will be an amazing film. How can I get a copy?
Anyway, please tell Kristina that I say well as the rest of your crew that I know.
Meagan Johnson