Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Additions or Editions

My wife, Kristina Ramsey, who will be the ADR guinea pig...I mean that metaphorically of course...she's certainly not any kind of pig...She's a very, very, very, beautiful woman, a devoted wife, and wonderful mother.
Due to the success of Scene 0.5 we have decided to reshoot one of our "Night Scenes." This is tentaively scheduled for Sunday (actually Monday) June, 25th/26th. Tonight is our first run of Additional Dialogue Replacement (ADR). For those of you who are not familiar with ADR, it essentially means that we are re-recording the actors' dialogue in a (semi-)studio environment. The actors new delivery must match the lips of the old delivery (from the film's footage) for the process to be successful. My wife, Kristina, has been so kind as to go first. If there are any kinks to be ironed out, we will find them in her run.

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