Monday, June 5, 2006

Wil's Wish-Fulfillment Dream

In response to Wil's final xanga entry on The Beatles vs. Led Zeppelin:

Wil, be careful that your desire that The Beatles NOT be the best band ever does not also skew YOUR objectivity. You're just as likely to want The Beatles to NOT be the best band ever as I am to want them to be the best band ever. I thought you of all people would know C.S. Lewis argument against Freud's wish-fulfillment dream. Perhaps the heading of your next Xanga post should say:
Wil Ramsey
Currently NOT Reading: The Pilgrim's Regress
by C.S. Lewis

Currently NOT listening to:
by Richard Ramsey

However, I must say that your decision to, once again, take the high road in a debate has caused me to, in my remorse, heap burning coals on my head. Your consistent ability to apply the Biblical precepts in your daily life never fails to astound me and inspire me to be a better Christian. And, if you ever use quotes from Washington's Cross against me again, I'll punch you in the face.


P.S. Who IS your favorite band?

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