Monday, July 17, 2006

This Week

Foley is supposed to start tomorrow. That should be interesting to say the least. Kristina will finish her touch-up ADR this evening. Baker is coming in tomorrow, followed by Leigh on Wednesday. Erin will finish her final session on Thursday, and Kayleen on Friday. With the exception of (maybe) a line here and there, everyone else is done. It is such a thrill to chip away at all the wretched audio piece by piece. It makes an indescribable difference.

Since ADR will be complete by Friday, I am hoping to complete most of our Foley this week, so we can mix next week. Richard Bowling is busy in Austin composing the score, and I will be meeting with Asher soon to lock-down color-correction and compositing.

Oh, in other news: I put the trailer for The Oath of Desormeau on our myspace. Our web hits went up dramatically, and we ran out of bandwidth. I guess it's a flattering problem to have, but it's one we need to get worked out soon. I'm hoping to host our video files (trailers) elsewhere, but I don't want the quality degradation I've experienced on many video uploading sites. I'm open to suggestions.

Check back regularly. I plan to post pictures of ADR and Foley throughout the week.

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