Friday, July 21, 2006

Yet Another All-Nighter

Just finished yet another all-nighter on The Oath of Desormeau. Erin came in and did about five hours of ADR. I thought it would go by faster, but she has a lot of lines and we did her longest scene. In fact, I think it's the longest sustained screen time of any actor in the film. She has a couple of scenes left, which we intend to pick-up on Sunday night. After she left, Beth and I were joined by Allison, a college student, who put her sound experience to use in our Foley session. Thank you, Allison, for all your help, insight, and your stellar re-enactment of the third act.

Some Foley Notes: In order to simulate the sound of a person getting hit in the face with a book, I hit myself in the face with a foam pad, but I caught myself right in the ear and it produced an immediate ring, which, thankfully, quickly subsided. I didn't want to have to include busted ear-drum on the list of occupationally-related wounds. Recent additions to that list include: reddish-black circles under the eyes (from sleep-deprivation) and poison-oak, which lasted nearly three weeks.

I actually did remember to bring my camera today, but, due to having pulled it too soon from the computer USB cable, I was having technical difficulties. Erin, brought hers, and is supposed to mail them to me. When she does, I will post them.

The deadline is approaching. It's starting to feel like Louisiana again in that respect. We're getting very, very tired, and the work seems to keep piling up. Please pray that we get our film done by August 1st.

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