Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mixing It Up

"Better is the enemy of done" -Kevin Rigdon

I just got back from the "editing suite." I did twelve hours of mixing and tweaked some colors for The Oath of Desormeau. I started looking for an appropriate font for titles. I thought "hoefler" was going to be the answer, but I had to make it bold, which ended up looking somewhat cartoonish.

We had gotten compliments on how the ADR was nearly impossible to detect. Now, it should be much harder. I learned a few tricks from listening to movies this week. You can't be shy or stingy with the ambience. I've pretty much got the sound in some scenes to where it's like sitting in the actual room. I almost felt like I was back on location. I started to get sweaty and anxious listening to it.

I also had to crank up a lot of the sound fx and foley.

There was something else I wanted to post about...and I can't remember what it is. Oh well, I'm sure it will come back to me.

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___ said...

Dude--My parents really liked the film, I hope you get into the festival. I agree with your decision to change the fonts, but if you are in a jam, always go with times new roman, it helped in all my college papers, but i'm sure doc berger was grading them with the good eye covered.