Friday, August 4, 2006



Kristina and I took The Oath of Desormeau to my parents house tonight. They invited Baker and his mother, and we were later joined by Santry. My brothers, Wil and Seth, also watched it. My family enjoyed it, and had some encouraging things to say. I was very grateful for Santry's insight. It means a lot to me that the actors involved in the project are pleased with it.

Over the weekend, I plan on floating down the Frio river for my breif, but much needed, vacation.

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___ said...

Richie--On the way home last night, I couldn't help but think of not only how great the film looks, but the originality of what you're trying to do, it is a real joy to continue to encourage you and help you see past the hours upon hours of film footage you've watched to bring you a perspective of the true impact of the film. Once you've seen a film 1000 times, it begins to not have the same impact as it's first viewing. Except for E.T. that one get me everytime. Thanks for your commitment to a truly original project, and thank you for including me in this journey. We are all so proud of you.