Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Knife the Mac

Well, my wife and I moved into a house last week only to discover that it has faulty electricity. As a result, a power surge has destroyed my G4 Powerbook's Hard Drive. We lost about 3,000 photos and I have to start all over with my itunes library. While I bought an external hard drive for "The Oath of Desormeau" files, I think I may have lost some of the stuff we used to make the DVD. It will probably take me a long time to figure out everything I lost. Each thing will come to mind over time as I need it, but can't get it.

We also lost a cat to the move: Pete. He's always been a very antisocial, if not psychotic, cat, and he did not handle the move well at all. He went completely crazy one night while Kristina and her mother where trying to clean the old place. So, we had to have him put down. This really has upset Kristina, who took him in after he was abandoned at such an early age that she had to feed him with an eye-dropper.

So, a year's worth of photos and a cat -two things we took with us when we evacuated for Rita thinking we could return to nothing- are gone in the move.

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Kayleen said...

I am SO sorry. I send my deepest condolences. Your Mac died, your cat died. My heart goes out to y'all. I feel for you.