Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Feedback

"...At the end [of the 'The Oath of Desormeau', my eight year old daughter] was full of questions...Great questions. I'm sure today will be filled with more of them and I'll need to reach for my Bible to answer them, not because I need to counteract what we saw in the film, but because I can truly show her the biblical principles evident in the film. Not merely the "good guy wins" as seems to be enough for most Christians who will consume whatever bone Hollywood throws them, but the evident concepts of Christian honor, defense of the weak, the "first shall be last and the last shall be first", godly maidenhood and modesty, honor of parents and more.

...What a blessing to find a film not with a bone or two thrown to appease us and take our money, but with rich biblical nuances and themes.

...Claire's desire to honor her father yet not compromise God's word when it appeared her father had matched her with the enemy was a wonderful example to our girls of always having to follow God's will above any other will.

We enjoy movies as a family and will definitely support the fledgling independent Christian film industry. Thank you for entering this fray with force and conviction and for producing such films. May God reward you and your family as you follow Him in this area."

In Christ,
"Thank you for your films. They are favorites in the E_____ household. I have seven children and all but the youngest can quote the entire script of 'Washington's Cross.'"

Hopedale, IL

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