Monday, April 16, 2007

disFUNKtion Episode XII

I had to break Episdoe 12 into two halves. Scroll down for Episodes 09 through 11.

1st Half

2nd Half

I actually wrote this Episode after we started filming the first three. I remember writing a line for Jimi at the last minute. Before taking his friends to confront Rita, he was to say something to the effect of "Do not be afraid of death. I have conquered it"...or something like that. If I had actually filmed that line, an unusual occurrence in this episode would have made a lot more sense. I also forgot to have Jacob fight with a microphone stand. That would have made another part make a little more sense...maybe.

Oh well. I guess that's what happens when you have about three weeks to shoot and edit an $800 short film with a cast of 20 [HS students] and a crew of three -including myself and my wife. This one nearly killed us.

After "disFUNKtion" showed at Sagemont's camp, a faculty member of Houston Baptist University approached me about making a film with some of their students. He and a fellow professor wanted to know what ideas I had. I told them I had shelved a script about a man persecuted for believing that George Washington crossed the Delaware. They liked the idea and wanted me to finish the script, which I did. When it didn't work out with their students, I decided to seize the opportunity to begin working with more experienced actors and do the film with Santry, his wife Ivy, my brother John, and my wife Kristina. That was the start of Aletheia Stage & Film Co.

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