Monday, May 7, 2007

Children of Men

No, I'm not starting film (or book) reviews. I'm commenting on life imitating art.

From abortions mandated by the oppressive Chinese government to those encouraged by radical feminism, another common theme continues to emerge in various leftist ideologies: hatred of children. Environmentalists are now joining the fray by encouraging families to save the planet by having less children.

Oddly enough, according to this spring's Salvo Magazine, many countries, including Japan, Italy, and Spain, are providing financial incentives for couples to have more children to curtail the consequences of alarming depopulation trends. Among them: A growing elderly generation that cannot be sustained by a dwindling young generation (Social Security?). Also, the average European family currently has an average of 1.7 children (Spain - 1.2). Radical Muslims (many residing in Europe) are having an average of six. You do the math.


leprechronic said...

Richie--great analysis, but I would hardly say that an agenda of the left is that they hate children. I would agree that most people are having less children or none at all because of the trends of selfishness and the "this is my life, and I am not gonna let a child encroach on my given right to try to be famous," attitude. What am I trying to say? Oh yeah, muslims maybe having more children, but we should look at the infant and child mortality rate of third world countries, and the ratio of evil supergeniuses that succeed by holding press conferences by creeks.
I wonder what the stats are of radical fundamentalist christians' children per family is? I know Fred Phelps has a lot of Kids, maybe we should just sit back and watch the fundamentalist religious fanatics (christian and islam) battle it out while the rest of us just focus on loving thy neighbor. This comment has no influence on whether or not I think you are a brilliant man. Because you are.

Richard Ramsey said...

Alright. Maybe "hate" was too strong a word. And I would say that the "trends of selfishness and the 'this is my life, and I am not gonna let a child encroach on my given right to try to be famous,' attitude" is predominate in our culture on left and right.

Oh, and if you ask me, Fred Phelps, gives fundamentalists a bad name :)