Monday, July 2, 2007


Well, I'm in Dallas. I drove up here to complete my End User Certification Test for Final Cut Pro. When I showed up, the test proctor didn't have the codes for Final Cut 6 (the latest version). So, I took the Final Cut Pro 5 Test to prevent this trip from being all for naught. Then codes came in, so I took the Final Cut Pro 6 Test as well.

I passed! Both Tests!!

I was going to drive home today, but I only got three hours sleep studying last night. So, I decided to stay. I mean, as exhilarating as the drive from Dallas to Houston on I-45 may be, I didn't want to risk dosing. In fact, I can't even proof read this blog right now.

Oh, and they didn't charge me for the 5 test, and discounted me for the 6. Two tests for less that price of one! Woohoo!


elias said...

What does passing the End User Certification Test mean exactly? That you can use the program for commercial purposes?

Richard Ramsey said...

It means that Apple officially recognizes that I have professional knowledge of FCP -and the state of Texas officially recognizes that I have adequate knowledge of the content area I teach.

I'll be encouraging my advanced students to take this test as well. I definitely think you should consider it.

Having FCP End User Certification on your resume can help you get jobs in the field.