Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Surprise, Surprise!

A new comedy short from Ramsey Bros. Pictures! We have embedded from funnyordie.com and youtube.com for you to view at the site of your preference.

If you like the film, please favorite it, comment on it, share it with friends (especially if they are in, or have been to, college), and rate it favorably. If you watch it on funnyordie.com, please vote "funny." You don't have to register to vote on their site.

Also, if you watched our "early release" yesterday on youtube.com, we would love for you to watch it (or at least play it) again and repost your comments. Unfortunately, we lost them in replacement.

Feel free to watch our first film, "How the South Was Lost."

1 comment:

elias said...

Is it uploaded on a site that FISD doesn't block?