Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From Austin's "That Other Paper":
Before he won the Funniest Person in Austin Competition in Spring 2005, John Todd Ramsey had done stand-up comedy only one time in his life. How then, you might ask, did a third-year law student with little stand-up experience go on to not only win the Funniest Person in Austin competition but also go on to perform on season two of Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and at HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival? The answer lies in what his MySpace page describes as his “clean and quasi-intellectual comedy that has made him a favorite with high school, college, church, corporate, and club audiences.”

Headlining The Velveeta Room November 16 and 17, John Todd Ramsey sat down with budding comedian and That Other Paper writer Bradley Jackson to talk about his thoughts on the Austin comedy scene, Dane Cook, and why he doesn’t tell dirty jokes.
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Anonymous said...

Whiteman College is halarious, I've watched this video at least a dozen times! Excellent Work!

Richard Ramsey said...

Thanks! We hopefully have a new one coming soon.