Sunday, December 2, 2007

Anniversary and Christmas Sale

It was a year ago today that Aletheia Stage & Film premiered and released, "The Oath of Desormeau."

To commemorate the anniversary and this year's Christmas season, we are temporarily selling this award winning film at a reduced rate. Visit our online store at or to purchase the DVD and support the work of Aletheia Stage & Film Co..


"Most Dramatic Film"
2006 What You See is What You Get Festival:

"Audience Choice Award"

"Jubilee Award: Best of Festival"
2006 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival


John-Clay said...

I looooove this movie!! Keep up the great work. :)

paige said...

felicidades en su aniversario!

Anonymous said...

Since "Washington's Cross" was awarded the audience choice award and "Oath" took the jubilee the next year at SAICFF, how has that success impacted your filmmaking choices for the future? Are you being offered or approached with projects? Are you able to completely focus on filmmaking as your only "career" path? Are you willing to elaborate on any of this?

Richard Ramsey said...

After last year's SAICFF, my wife and I entered into an agreement with two producers from LA, who wanted to make "The Oath" into a full-length feature. That lasted ten months and then fell through for various reasons.

There's also a production company whose name I can't mention and who, having seen "WC" and "The Oath," is interested in having me work on a project with them and possibly having me join their full-time staff.

That being said, I currently am not a full-time filmmaker.