Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Apolitical and Annoyed

Though I am becoming increasingly apolitical, I was quite irritated by this article by "Mother Jones" expressing so much alarm that Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee [like 55 percent of the nation he hopes to lead*] does not believe in Darwinian Evolution, but instead believes in the Genesis account of creation.

If "Mother Jones" is looking for a political figure who is not only a proven believer in Darwinian Evolution, but has a staggering record of integrating such beliefs with his foreign and domestic policies, they need look no further than here.

*I am not using the "appeal to the majority" logical fallacy. I'm simply pointing out that someone who is in agreement with 55% of the Nation can hardly be painted as an extremist.

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ryan said...

Most Darwinists don't like to recognize the properly applied extension of their belief system, which is a nasty case of "social Darwinism," a rather brutish form of tyranny which can and does lead to genocide. It's known in the animal kingdom as "survival of the fittest."