Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Silent Night

Merry Christmas from the Ramsey Family and Friendswood Friends Church.

My wife and I made this video (very quickly) along with my brother Seth and his two friends, Randall and Jacob, for our church's Christmas Eve service.

Notes: My absolute favorite part occurs around 3 min 30 sec. Also, the soundtrack is, at least temporarily, by Sufjan Stevens. His Christmas album is absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend one purchase it, if one hasn't already.


Elias said...

Religious views aside, that was a funny little short film. Seems to me like Sadie and Jude are following in their parents footsteps. Plus, it's always funny to see Seth dressed as Caesar and Jacob dressed as an angel. Funny film indeed.

Now I usually don't bug you with this stuff, but I also thought that, since you enjoy religious literature from time to time, you might like to read this article taken from one of our Watchtowers talking about Jesus birth. (I'd understand if you didn't want to make this comment public.)

Richard Ramsey said...

Hey Elias,

Yeah, I don't think I know any Christians of mainline Protestant denominations or Catholic (besides maybe children) who actually think the nativity, as it is commonly presented on lawns and coffee tables, is historically accurate. I remember being told when I was very young that magi probably showed up when Jesus was around two, and that he was most likely born in the Spring.

Kristina and I struggled with whether or not we would possibly be contributing to the "flannel boarding" of this story. But, we decided to just have some fun with it, and depict it as a three year old playing with a nativity set might imagine it. Although, why a three year old would imagine in a film style from 90 years ago -complete with properly spelled captions no less- is beyond me.

Also, it is commonly taught that not only where the magi astrologers, but it is possible that they knew to even search for a messiah because they were familiar with Jewish prophecies because of the Babylonian captivity of Israel, which occurred centuries before (think Daniel and Nebakanezer, etc).

Elias said...

Ah, okay; it's sometimes hard to tell how much people really know with all the commercialism and tales-gone-fairy tales that surround Christmas. Again, I was thoroughly entertained by the film. (My favorite part happened at 1:53.)

Nathan D. said...

Great job Richard! I try not to get wrapped up in all these theologically-correct debates about Christmas and just enjoy the holiday for what it is. So I loved the video! What a good idea making it resemble a silent film, I love how you made the film jump and skips frames. The humorous spots were hilarious too, well done!

I also JUST now noticed that you linked to our trailer a few months back. Thanks for that! And for the very nice comments, really appreciate it. The reason I just found this out is because youtube says your website is the number one referral. Alright!

Thanks again, and I hope you and your family had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!