Friday, March 16, 2007

Draft #2 Due

Sorry for the lack of recent post. Draft #2 is due tomorrow. Please pray for Kristina and I.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Something is Different

I can't put my finger on it, but something is different about the guy on the right. Someone help me out here.

My brother Wil sent me an interesting, provocative Jacques Ellul quote today on myspace. Though I think the quote deals with instances in which CHRISTIANS resort to violence, I don't know the context. So, I don't know if its assertion is intended to be defended against every possible example that could come to a reader's mind. However, I certainly could think of enough examples where it proves true. Therefore, I believe I am justified in posting it on this blog.

"If the time comes when despair sees violence as the only possible way, it is because Christians were not what they should have been. If violence is unleashed anywhere at all, the Christians are always to blame. This is the criterion, as it were, of the confession of sin. Always, it is because Christians have not been concerned for the poor, have not defended the cause of the poor before the powerful, have not unswervingly fought the fight for justice, that violence breaks out." -Jacques Ellul

I've recently learned that the instructions Jesus gave on the sermon on the mount are not high-minded platitudes, but an actual strategy for confronting AND DEFEATING evil, tyranny, and injustice. What is very sad to me is that it took watching the film Gandhi last month to realize that fact. I say "sad" because, though he admittedly derived his non-violent strategy of resistance from the New Testament, Gandhi was Hindu, not Christian.

Throughout my life in church, I've heard that, as Christians, we're supposed to live our lives in such a way that causes non-Christians to say to themselves "There's something different about him/her." How ridiculous! Did people looked at Gandhi and say "You know, I can't put my finger on it...but there's something different about him...I don't know what it is...but something is different?"

No one said such nonsense about Jesus, and no one will say it about those who follow His example.