Friday, July 6, 2007

Kentucky Pictures

Almost to Bowling Green, KY
Chasing Lightning Bugs: An uncommon occurrence in Houston.

It rained a lot there as well.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Well, I'm in Dallas. I drove up here to complete my End User Certification Test for Final Cut Pro. When I showed up, the test proctor didn't have the codes for Final Cut 6 (the latest version). So, I took the Final Cut Pro 5 Test to prevent this trip from being all for naught. Then codes came in, so I took the Final Cut Pro 6 Test as well.

I passed! Both Tests!!

I was going to drive home today, but I only got three hours sleep studying last night. So, I decided to stay. I mean, as exhilarating as the drive from Dallas to Houston on I-45 may be, I didn't want to risk dosing. In fact, I can't even proof read this blog right now.

Oh, and they didn't charge me for the 5 test, and discounted me for the 6. Two tests for less that price of one! Woohoo!