Saturday, January 5, 2008

British Invasion!

A good friend of mine from high school got married today. Her new husband is from "across the pond," and my parents are housing some of his English friends and family. So, we're going to show them some American hospitality and listen to them talk as much as we can.

As I've stated earlier, all my favorite things are from England: Shakespeare, The Beatles, C.S. Lewis, George Fox, a PEACEFUL abolition of slavery.

Now, if I can just find a way to get over there.


Paul Rogers said...

I'm also a video editor out of Kansas City Missouri... What kind of films do you do? I have been in the business for some time now and by the grace of God am just getting off the ground.

Discouraged at how much talent is out there and no one is talking.


R. Ramsey said...

Nice to meet you, Paul. I basically do films like those shown in the blog's right sidebar -->

There are some places where people are talking. I frequently visit the following site: