Friday, March 28, 2008

From the Gotham Times:

Mysterious Abductions "Dent" Garcetti's Image: Incumbent D.A. Urges Citizens to Remain Calm

Gotham Times - "District Attorney hopeful Harvey Dent has received an unprecedented surge in the polls as Gotham City's current D.A., Roger Garcetti, seems powerless to stop the recent wave of kidnappings plaguing our foreboding metropolis. Garcetti is urging residents to remain calm. 'There is no need for panic or drastic measures," said Garcetti. "It is important that Gotham's citizens go about business as usual and keep in mind that all kidnapping victims have been recovered with only minor, irritating injuries."

There's no telling who will be next. Though some suspect it will be the "I"s. Click here for details.

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