Monday, April 21, 2008

The Announcement (and Invitation)

After months of thought, prayer, and seeking counsel, Kristina and I have decided to move our family to Louisville, Kentucky where I will join the staff at "City on a Hill Productions" as a full-time filmmaker.

We are truly excited about this new endeavor and the opportunity to share (through discussion and film clips) with friends and loved ones about the content, quality, and purpose of the work we will be doing. So, if you can, we would love for you to join us at the Friendswood Friends Church Chapel on either Saturday, April 26th at 7:00 pm or on Sunday, April 27th at 1:30 pm.

I'd also love for all of you to meet my new boss, Shane Sooter. He is a gifted artist with an intelligent and inspiring vision of how filmmakers can edify the church, engage the culture, and evangelize the lost. Also, we'll finally be able to provide the inside scoop regarding our upcoming collaboration on a very exciting and potentially ground-breaking feature film about two of the 20th century's most famous Christian martyrs.

We realize that many of you will also have concerns and curiosities about us completely uprooting and moving half-way across the country. We have our concerns and curiosities about it as well. So, we will also be sharing our concerns and needs, some spiritual and some monetary, as my new position will involve my participation in raising funds for City on a Hill in general and a portion of my salary specifically. While I have (and have always had) some anxieties about fund-raising, it remains an essential element of missions and filmmaking. So, part of me, is actually excited and relieved that I now have to learn to face those fears.

Please know that one's ability to help with monetary needs is NOT a prerequisite for attendance on Saturday or Sunday. I do believe prayers are extremely valuable and that the "prayers of righteous people availeth much." So, if you can pray for us, you are giving a great and comforting gift. There are many prayer requests we would like to share in person, and I believe it would do Kristina and I a lot of good to hear your encouragement and prayers in person.

And, if none of the above info sufficiently excites you, there will be free food. Which reminds me: Please let us know by Wednesday if you can attend, and which day, so that we can make appropriate food preparations.

If you cannot attend either day, please feel free and encouraged to contact us before we leave for Kentucky in late June or early July. We'd love the chance to visit with you, and give our proper goodbyes.

Richard Ramsey


chrisbrewster said...

Best wishes and blessings.

sbhebert said...

Exciting stuff! Unfortunately, Natalie and I can't make it this weekend...we'll be out of town. Big bummer...our loss, right?

Interested to hear about your new feature film endeavor...

sbhebert said...

Just noticed those disgusting UK hats. I thought you were American. Next you'll be painting a union jack across the hood of your Corolla.

elias said...

So is the church event your official going away bash? If so, best wishes and all that stuff. I'll probably say more to you at school before I graduate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!! Meagan Johnson here.... It is great to hear about the exciting adventure ahead of you!! I could not be more happy for you! Andrew will approve of your UK hats as he and his entire family are UK fans. Keep up the excellent and creative work. We share your movies with anyone and everyone who comes over to our house and they all LOVE LOVE your work. Give your wife a hug for me. MJ