Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Austin Lawyer Gets Last Laugh in Tax Law Contest
Posted Apr 1, 2008, 05:21 pm CDT
By Molly McDonough

Austin lawyer John Ramsey is $10,000 richer, but he didn't get the money by bringing in legal business or winning a case.

Ramsey produced a three-minute YouTube skit in which he jokes about paying his taxes with Monopoly money. When the IRS threatens him with jail time, he says he knows he's in the clear with his get-out-of-jail-free card.

The routine tickled Intuit TurboTax, which sponsored the TaxLaugh contest, in an effort to make tax law seem funny.

Not only does Ramsey get a cash prize, he wins the honor of opening for TaxLaugh host Jay Mohr—who played Tom Cruise's rival agent in Jerry Maguire—April 4 at The Improv in Brea, Calif., Intuit notes in a news release.

Ramsey, who's been doing stand-up comedy since 2005, performs regularly in Texas.

As of the time of this posting, the YouTube video had received more than 19,000 hits.

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Elizabeth said...

Big Congrats to John!!!