Saturday, April 19, 2008

Go See Expelled!

If you are one of the 90% of people in the world who believes in a higher power, or one of the 27% of Americans who believe that God guided evolution, or one of 55% of Americans who do not believe in evolution at all, then you need to get to a movie theater this weekend to see Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Rotten Tomatoes, the internet's most famous film critic compiler, has given the film a 9% approval rating. This means only 9% of Critics have given the film favorable reviews. By contrast, Jesus Camp received an 86% approval rating. Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 received 84%, and Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth received 93%.

I am not commenting on the quality or accuracy of the favored films, since I have only seen one of them. Nor am I implying that being environmentally conscious or anti-war is inherently antithetical to Christianity. I am merely pointing out what is plainly obvious: critics give favorable ratings to films that agree with their own world view and poor ratings to films that don't.

The reason for this is also obvious. They want you to see the messages they agree with. The don't want you to see the messages they disagree with. They don't want you to watch Expelled. But, it is important that you do -and THIS weekend. Otherwise, Hollywood and other media will see poor opening numbers as vindication of their current content choices. For an example, read what famous Box Office examiner Nikke Finke has already said about Expelled's Friday Performance:
The only other newcomer in the Top 10 was conservative commentator Ben Stein's #8 documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed which makes the intelligent design argument. Playing in 1,052 theaters, the pic distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures earned $1.2M Friday for what should be a $3.4M weekend. But the per screen average was a feeble $1,130 (not the $3,000 erroneously rumored on the Internet), showing there wasn't any pent-up demand for the film despite an aggressive publicity campaign. So much for the conservative argument that people would flock to films not representing the "agenda of liberal Hollywood". (Just for comparison purposes: Michael Moore's most recent Sicko did $4.4 mil its opening weekend from only 441 theaters, and his Fahrenheit 9/11 did $23.9M its opening weekend from 868 venues.)
Finally, I want to share a troubling discovery. In following the debates over the film and its reviews, I have found that die-hard Evolutionists use the word "Creationist" as a pejorative to describe anyone who believes that a higher power had anything to do with the origins of life or the beginning of the universe. If you purport to be a Theist who believes in Evolution, then, to them, you are a Creationist because you, by believing that God had a say in the creation of the world, believe in Intelligent Design, which they say is "a front for Creationism." In the end, they say you must choose between belief in natural selection or supernatural guidance. Supernatural natural selection is an oxymoron.

While it may seem like bad news that they've drawn such a line in the sand, the good news is that ultimately 90% of the world won't cross it when asked to do so. So, it's 90 against 10.

You think we can take 'em?


asher castillo said...

so what did you think of the film?

R. Ramsey said...

Loved it!

William Ramsey said...

i liked it a lot. however, i think a look at the court cases over "of people and pandas" was conveniently left out.

man, richard dawkins is a nut. i mean i knew he was a nut, but i didn't think someone would be so stupid as to say some of the stuff he said being filmed by a guy he knew would try to use it against him.