Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guest Writer

My brother Wil wrote this satirical refute of common Atheistic arguments.
I have been reading a lot of atheist arguments lately and I have decided I will stop believing in science.

Since it is perfectly logical to Atheists to not believe in God because his existence is not necessary to/does not explain everything that has ever happened I have decided that science also does not exist.

Science cannot, with any certainty, prove the occurrence of events of historical significance. The scientific method (hypothesis->test->analysi
s->conclusions) cannot prove that Caesar was ever assassinated. Since atheism has taught me that when something cannot prove everything, even things associated with other fields, it is false, I no longer believe in science. It must not exist because it cannot do everything I want it to do.

Richard Dawkins even said science can't prove there isn't a flying tea kettle that revolves around the sun. Science can't even prove science.

I know some of you may be saying that science was never meant to prove historical events. It matters not to me. You are just a bunch of borderline scientists and my real concern is with the scientific fundies. I am throwing away the rational arguments of intelligent people because other people have told me science can prove everything and those people represent the true ideals of science. If atheism has taught me anything it is that when the majority of people I debate with in online threads believe a thing that means the majority of people loosely associated with them believes the same thing. That belief also concisely represents what the whole belief system is truly about. People who believe in science think it can and does explain everything. Therefore I no longer believe in science.

Why do you believe in science? Because you were told that the scientific method is the best mode of investigation and discovery? Who told you that? SCIENTISTS, thats who. Talk about having an agenda. Science claims it is true because it is based in science. Sounds like circular reasoning to me.

Also, I have begun creating my own system of logic. I have started with my conclusion that philosophy and metaphysics based in theism are logical and anything that could be used to prove the existence of science is logical. Logical fallacies in my new system will apply in almost every instance to an argument in favor of science, since science is illogical but will never apply to my own arguments. For example, I might say, "Science is not real because no smart man has ever been a scientist." To which you respond "Einstein was a scientist. And Newton, and Galileo, and Salk." But you would be wrong, this is a logical fallacy known as appeal to authority.

Or I might say that the Nazi's believed in science. To which you would respond "The psuedo paranormal based experiments of the Nazi's
would have actually been avoided if they had a true understanding of science. But, again, you are wrong. This is reductio ad hitlerum.

I think you see where this is going. And after I have written in books and made podcasts and taught it to a bunch of people who will do anything it takes to look smarter than everyone else without actually having to read and make their own thoughts and decided for themselves, it will take off and nobody will believe in science. One day we will all laugh at you foolish people who do believe in science. It'll be like you believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. There will be books called "The Science Delusion" and "Science Is Not Great." They will make fun of people in history who we used to respect and say that they were only interested in science for money or power and that the perpetrated the science myth for their own personal gain.

Now I know, I don't know the most about science. But the number one thing atheism has taught me is that I don't have to be an expert in a field that is based in a lie to claim it is a lie. If science is a lie becoming an expert in it will not reveal to me its truth. Even with my feeble childish understanding of it I know all it has ever done is tell us that baking soda and vinegar bubble and other childish things. Science is for children because I learned about it when I was a child. Anyone who believes in it now is either brainwashed, stupid, or a child.

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