Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Banner

If you scroll down the sidebar ( -> ), you will see that I have added a new banner for Ramsey Bros. Pictures. Please help us spread the word by pasting it on your blogs and websites.

Update: I added the height and width dimensions to the text area instructions. You can adjust height and width to fit your site's needs. The original dimensions are 220w x 317h.


elias said...

I would put it on my website in a heartbeat, but it's a bit too big. Any chance of a 88x31 version?

R. Ramsey said...

Hey Elias,

I updated the instructions, so it is possible to adjust the poster. Though 88x31 would distort it.

Perhaps 88w X 127h or 31w x 45h?

Elizabeth said...

Hey Richie,

You are now proudly displayed on my blog... I get at least 3 hits a month... money!!


Keep up the great work!