Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Congratulations to hdcw2000bc!

...for authoring my all-time favorite YouTube comment for How the South Was Lost! Below is a transcript to get the full context:

Can you not say what you want without vulgarity? In the first place, the men's uniforrms have yellow on the sleeves and collars. Therefore, they are cavalry. Infantry uses blue, and artillery uses red. Any other asinine questions from a person who has no clue?

you guys, its supposed to be funny so hey, it could be a hidden joke that they are a part of the cavalry with no horses. Don't know if that would be funny... but cut the guys some slack!

Cut them slack? For what? Not knowing the difference between artillery, infantry, and cavalry insignias on the uniforms? No these are a bunch of half a@$ white trash who are trying to be funny, but can't seem their uniforms right. No, these idiots are dumb hillbillies who know nothing about the war. If they wanted to go home as the "joke" suggests, they would've had horses nearby. These are nothing more than tasteless amateurs who think that over 650,000 deaths is funny.

I think someone shot you in your sense of humour and it had to be removed in a primitive medical facility.

Richard Ramsey: ROTFLMHAO!

Also be sure to check out How the South Was Lost - Anniversary Edition.


elias said...

I want to meet this person and shake his hand.

John-Clay said...

that IS really funny!!!! :D LOL!

Ryan said...

does this mean there will not be a 2nd anniversary edition with computer generated horses? I can envision dozens of them grazing nearby while the men talk.

Seriously though, great video.

R. Ramsey said...

Thanks! Yeah...can't really see justifying a 2nd Anniversary Edition. It might have been fun to do an entirely new version for the North...but having some youtube viewers demand it kind of sucked all the fun, and possibly the funny, out of the idea.

sbhebert said...

I guess 140 years just isn't long enough to heal.

I don't find 650,000 deaths funny. I do find "How the South Was Lost" to be funny. I guess I'm just a hillbilly...