Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Countdown to Departure

Between the lost and the found
We're all hanging empty
Empty and upside down
But I'm hanging on
Though the fall may tempt me
And I believe in the dawn
Though I tremble in the night

Amidst these ins and these outs
There's a fine line of purpose
I follow even now
Through the haze of despair
That confuses and hurts us
I look to see that You're there
And I run toward Your light

Beyond these reasons and feelings
Beyond the passion and fatigue
I know You're there
And that Your Spirit is leading me
Beyond all this
-Rich Mullins


elias said...

>.< gah, I keep forgetting when you move away, although I know it's really soon here, but maybe I just can't remember because I want it to be further away than it is.

How goes that "project" you're working on (or are you?) for the 1 year anniversary of a particular group?

R. Ramsey said...

We move on Tuesday.

As for the project, I've captured all the footage. That's pretty much it.