Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flashback: 2006 SAICFF

The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival has started their own Youtube channel. One of the videos features us accepting the Award for Best of Festival in 2006 for our film, "The Oath of Desormeau." The film will soon be available for download/ipod at


Ryan said...

As a filmmaker, when you're in a festival atmosphere like that, you have to wonder what happens if you actually win the thing.

Did you have any idea The Oath would take top prize and what were you thinking walking up there to give a speech in front of that size crowd?

R. Ramsey said...

My guts were churning through that entire ceremony, up until the immediate moment before Doug Phillips said, "The Oath."

To be honest, I thought we were a contender. But there's absolutely no way to know that you're going to win something like that. There's too many films, and 18-months of blood, sweat, and tears can really skew objectivity.

I barely remember the walk up there, but I do remember standing up from my seat and turning to hug my wife, but she hadn't stood up yet. She had already started crying.