Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Latest on Move and "South"

Well, we're pretty much moved in with the exception of nick-knacky stuffy. Some of you may have noticed that the Anniversary Edition of "How the South Was Lost" was featured on the Youtube Comedy page. This earned us 25,000 hits and subjected us to over 130 comments. Ah, perhaps "subjected" sounds ungrateful. Most of the comments were very complimentary and encouraging. Others...well...apparently, it is the most controversial film I've ever done. Oh, and it has also been brought to my attention that the film has some historical inaccuracies. Here is one of my favorite comments:
How amusing. There are some problems though. Why is a tiny cavalry unit going into battle without their horses? Even dismounted cavalry had their horses close by. Most artillery rounds were explosive and had fuses. Rarely were cannon balls fired. Most likely int was grape shot or some sort of variation for maximum range. Grape shot exploded sending metal all through the line. Hopefully, you clowns are not reenactors.
No, 818gregd, we're not reenactors. We have lives.

If you want, you may peruse the other comments, but be warned. Some are less...articulate and polite.


sbhebert said...

I for one am honored to be called a "clown" and not a "re-enactor."

If you haven't, you should read Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horowitz to get a picture of what the life of re-enactors looks like. While I'd like to know some of these characters, I'm not really interested in joining them.

But, hey, more power to 'em!

Ryan said...

Getting featured is a double-edged sword, isn't it? :-P Congrats on getting more exposure though. I still think it's a great short, and you guys crank out the best comedy. (And good drama too... I do own 'Oath.')

Funny re-enactor story... I was in "Treasure Blind" (www.TreasureBlind.com, a Christian film with flashbacks in the Civil War), and played one of the three primary characters from that set of scenes... everyone else was a reenactor. So, I had my outfit from wardrobe, and I had the reenactors asking me where I was from, what I did, all the things an actual reenactor would be proud to rattle off... I just had to turn and say, "Sorry, I'm just an actor," like the "re-in-" needed to be in front of it.

Good times... then again, none of the reenactors had to lay in a freezing creek in February and play dead (I can get not breathing or blinking... but not shivering was a new one...)


Elizabeth said...

Wow... talk about people with no lives!!

I, for one, love it. The anniversary edition cracked me up.

Good luck in Kentucky!