Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks YouTube Commentors!

Well, it just goes to show that you really are never too old to learn. Thanks to YouTube commentators, I have been given many valuable insights into our nation's complex history.

It seems that the Civil War was not fought over slavery after all. It was fought over high tariffs and disproportionate representation in the federal government. See, now that I know that, the war no longer seems so ridiculous. It now totally makes sense that men would try to kill and maim fellow members of their country, creed, and, in some cases, family over unfavorable economic policies. Had I known that's what they were doing, I would never have dreamed of making jokes about them.

Not only did I learn about our nation's past, but its future as well. Apparently, the South is due to "rise again" at a time that, though unspecified, is rapidly approaching. When that happens, some white YouTube commentators will reinstate the very slavery that the Civil War was absolutely NOT fought over.

Phew! Good thing I moved to Kentucky. Because I've also recently learned that Kentucky (the state where I was born and have a centuries long ancestral lineage) was neutral, which apparently means that it's impossible that even one person from here would have had opinions about the war and accordingly joined the Confederate or Northern side.

But perhaps the most valuable things I learned were about myself. Having only spent maybe a combined total of 3 and 1/2 months of my 31 year life outside of Southern States, I would have never suspected that I was a "Yankee" -much less a "liberal,""democrat," whose "probably from New York City." After reading such observant comments, I'm wondering if I should become all of those things.


John-Clay said...

:D - got some feedback on your funny video did ya?

Well I didn't take it too serious and I thought it was kinda funny - Santry is good playing a villain and he's also good at comedy :P

Keep 'em coming!

(BTW when does your next one come out?)

santry said...

"we have the worst southern accents ever" Good think they never heard my Italian

Wil said...

i think it's funny how these people say our souther accents are bad. mine is a perfect copy of mom's. these people are probably from oklahoma or arizona. that's not the south.