Thursday, September 11, 2008

1 Corinthians 13:1-2

“We’re just not quite sure a feminist governor from Alaska with a year’s experience in governance (not to mention her 17-year-old daughter pregnant out of wedlock doing her part to contribute to the further demise of the family), working for John McCain will do any more than GWB did to salvage the economy, halt the growth of government, repair the family, and quiet the Sodomites beating down our doors. Call it a breach in confidence. Oh well. At least her daughter wasn’t a lesbian.”
-Pastor Kevin Swanson
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While I know some Christians take Christ’s command to turn the other cheek as a call to be so humble, compassionate, and loving that people are drawn to our Savior, I’m starting to wonder if some Christians take it as a command to be so haughty that people want to punch us in the face. . .twice.

Truth. Equality. Simplicity. Peace.
Richard Ramsey

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sbhebert said...

Can't imagine why Kev doesn't allow comments to be posted on his blog.