Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"How Shall We Then Vote?"

Thanks to my brother, Wil, for the heads up. Musician Derek Webb has written a great, thought-provoking article for Patrol Magazine on Christians voting. Click here to read "How Shall We Then Vote?"

Derek Webb sings "Savior on Capitol Hill." Click here to read the lyrics.


elias said...

So this mean y'all are or aren't voting?

Ramb0 said...

Give me a break! Of course you have the right not to do an infinite number of things. I am sure that all the babies that are going to be turned backwards, delivered to their neck and have their brains sucked out before being delivered will not have died in vain because "Christians" were exercising their civil right to do absolutely nothing!
I agree that in all probability you will never be aligned 100% with any candidate, especially these, but the differences between them on abortion is as far apart as any 2 candidates in my lifetime. It is reason enough to vote for the "lesser of 2 evils" when one of them without apology openly promotes evil deeds. Don't vote, it is certainly your choice to make, but don't try to hide behind some self serving ideolgy that relieves you of any damage that choice wreaks upon others. WOW! Christians shouldn't vote for Sarah Palin because she should stay at home with her family like a good wife and now this. Who are these people?

John Todd said...

It's hard to disagree with Derek Webb here, mostly because he conjures up a false, exagerrated argument and then knocks it down. Of course, there will be no saviour on Capital Hill.

But, the presidential election has consequences for very important issues close to the Christian heart-- peace and provisions for the poor, the elderly, and orphans (including those abandoned before birth). To argue otherwise is to say the people of the world do not affect the people of the world.

There is a bad taste in our mouths from the many instances where politics and religion became confused. But, I don't believe in being so reactionary that we shut off our ability to reason through decisions, no matter how tough. Inaction is just another luxury for the privileged.

We should be with our vote as we should be with all our possessions-- a good steward. I believe, in most instances, a decision not to vote is just a choice to hide your vote in the ground.

All this being said, we should not substitute voting for the far superior ways to effect change. In that regard, I have no right to even speak about Derek Webb.

Jamie Rives said...

wow, it has been years. I hope all is well with you.
kris rives

Anonymous said...

The difference is that Derek Webb is not saying to never vote. He is saying that if your conscience is conflicted (i.e. abortion vs. war) then you may be voting to end war or abortion and in doing so allowing the other to happen. If you believe that war is not wrong but abortion is then by all means Webb encourages you to vote. Or vice versa. But if you think that both are wrong you can not ignore your conscience against abortion when you are trying to end war. Some, like Derek Webb, would say that it is not our place to figure out the ratio or exchange by which we justify some deaths. Do more die from abortion or war? Which one then is more evil? These are not questions Christians are to answer, there is no degree of evil. They are both evil.

William Ramsey said...

At first I thought that was John Ramsey my brother. But my brother is american and would never spell savior with a u.