Thursday, November 13, 2008

Perhaps "Triple" ..."Quadruple" ..."Quintuple Negative"

Double Negative from Richard Ramsey on Vimeo.

Since many people tend to get the joke after repeated viewings, and since I love vimeo, and since I don't have much new to report, I thought I'd post the vimeo version of our latest film. Hope you enjoy it...again...or for the first time.


GirlieGirl55 said...

Just wondering,
In real life, who is the actor and who is the actress? I didn't see any credits!

And, just out of curiosity, are they, in real life, married/dating?

R. Ramsey said...

The actor and actress are my brother, John, and his wife, Anna. The credits are at the beginning :)

Ryan said...

Any plans for a sequel to The Interrogator?

Seems like there are a lot more interrogations to go.

Could there be a spin-off where the Interrogator gets a job as a mortgage loan officer?

R. Ramsey said...

LOL...Yeah, I'd like to do a sequel where the Interrogator actually gets to Bruce Wayne. It would be our shortest film yet. I figure it would be all of 15 seconds before the Interrogator would be incapacitated, if not dead.

The trouble is getting Christian Bale to sign on. :)

Richard Ramsey

Or maybe we could do one where the Interrogator gets to "Brock Wayne" and then decides to give up his search.