Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas From City on a Hill

L to R: Kevin Bryan, Cassie Pelan, Me, Shane Sooter, Tony Young, Molly Tatum, John McGrath, Kristy Rundle, Cibby Danyla, Amanda Brainard. Bios here.

Merry Christmas from City on a Hill Productions!


Shepherd said...

And I am not here because I was at home getting something. I think, had I been in this picture it would have been a bit more lively. Seriously.


elias said...

Glad to your bio is finally on that site. I'm also glad that your going to stick to tradition of Beatles name for kids.

Wil said...

O the goofy Christmas picture. The perks of working in an office.

Shahana said...

Happy Christmas to you too from Bangladesh.