Monday, December 22, 2008

Shepherd's Journey to Nepal

City on a Hill Productions Intern, Shepherd Ahlers (pictured right, and sounds like "Dollars" with no "D") and two of his friends will be spending the next two weeks in Nepal doing a a documentary and mission work. I kindly ask that you keep them in your prayers. Specifically, pray that they will be safe, well received, and able to capture a compelling story. You can follow their trip here. To visit their official site click here.

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Ruthanne said...

Okay, that was weird... The title of this post really caught me off guard because the name of our family's blog is "The Shepherds' Journey" and that's the context in which I usually see those words!

As far as Shepherd Ahlers and *his* journey to Nepal is concerned, yes, I will absolutely pray for him and his two friends -- for safe travels, success in the progress they need to make on the documentary and for God's blessing upon their mission work! I'll be sure to get acquainted with their sites. (Thanks!)