Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Economic Opportunities

Economic Opportunities from City on a Hill on Vimeo.
"Economic Opportunities exists to teach God's work ethic to high-risk men in order for them to know Christ more intimately, to become contributing members of the workforce, and to gain hope in a future."
I've finally finished my first ministry support video for City on a Hill Productions. One of the best parts of my job is getting to see and document Christians who live out their faith in effective ways. Jim Kennedy is a Christian who does just that through his work at Economic Opportunities.

A few months ago, we traveled down to Memphis and interviewed his staff and those who have been blessed by his mission work. Then, having heard their stories, I wrote dramatic content, which we shot and edited with their interviews. I hope you enjoy the final product. Click here to watch in HD.


John-Clay said...

Wow! I really enjoyed that video...very touching :) Fabulous job, thanks for sharing!

R. Ramsey said...

Thanks, John! I really appreciate it!