Friday, May 29, 2009

"We Marry None..."

"Individuals, organizations, and institutions in most states are currently free to treat same-sex unions as marriages, or not. This, of course, is the truly liberal and tolerant position. It means letting the people concerned make up their own minds about how to treat these relationships. But this freedom is precisely what the advocates of same-sex "marriage" want to destroy; they want to use the government's power to force everyone to recognize same-sex unions as marriages whether they want to or not."
-S.T. Karnick
"Tyranny of the Minority:
How the Forced Recognition of Same-Sex "Marriage" Undermines a Free Society"
Salvo Magazine, Autumn 2008
Apart from a sentence saying that Quakers perform same-sex marriages ceremonies (without specifying which Quakers), this article written by S.T. Karnick for Salvo Magazine is fantastic, and its thesis is possibly the most effective argument I've heard on the issue of same-sex marriage.

I realize that much of the passed or proposed legislation establishing government recognized same-sex marriages often contains wording protecting religious organizations from having to recognize or perform them. However, Karnick's argument still stands since Christians aren't just Christians in their homes and churches, but in their businesses and professions as well.

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