Wednesday, June 3, 2009

See. What Had Happened Was...

So, here's some specifics on the rough week...

As many of my readers know, I have been working on a missions video for Backpack Mission, a ministry that provides food to children in the Appalachia mountains. Our traditional work flow is usually as follows: I edit, color correct, set the volume levels on different clips, and ship it off to CHP's "sound dude," John Howard for mixing, e.q., etc.

After nearly a month of editing, I finished all of my part this past Monday afternoon. I was searching for someone to watch the video with me. Our production manager, Cassie, agreed. However, when I went to watch it, Final Cut Pro was frozen (and our XSAN sounded like it was going to explode, but that is, in all likelihood, unrelated).

All we were getting was Apple's infamous spinning pinwheel of death.

Long story short: the external hard-drive, that had all of the footage and Final Cut Pro project files, was not working. We could open the drive up in the Finder window and see the files, but we could not access them or transfer them. The hard-drive was broken. It could not direct the files to do what they are supposed to do or go where they are supposed to go.

Possible good news: First of all, the fact that the files can be seen is a good sign that the data could be recovered. Second, over the weekend, John Howard, decided to export a DV version of the film in order to get a head start on sound. If all else fails, we could use that, but that would be in Standard Definition (at best) and not HD. I'm very thankful that we at least have that.

The bad news: In addition to producing a video for "Backpack Mission," we were going to make a supplemental video featuring the story of one particular girl. She has serious medical needs, and her entire life could be turned around with some medical intervention. I had not even started on her video. If this hard drive is gone, so is all of the footage we could have used to tell her story.

This was one of those providential catastrophes to which I've become accustomed over the years-especially, when working on projects that are near and dear to my heart. In fact, I was nervous that I hadn't experienced one in a while. That this would happen when it happened and to this video of all videos seems very conspicuous.

So, I would truly appreciate any prayers that this data would be recovered. If it is not recovered, we will trust that it was God's will, and that He will be glorified in our weakness.

But, it would be awesome if the data were recovered. Seriously.

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