Monday, December 21, 2009

The Effects of Color...Effects

Ramsey Bros. Pictures' latest short, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Murder," required quite a bit of color grading. The interiors were filmed in John's one car garage. Black cloth and poster board were hung to cover the portions of the garage wall that were visible to the camera. We figured we could get away with that since the characters were supposed to be in the middle of nowhere. The scene was lit with shop lights (mounted on a neighboring SUV) and various other non-pro lights. Since they cast a yellow hue, color correction was required. Oh, and we used a laptop to simulate the speedometer lights.

This last shot was particularly tricky. In the original shot, the hitchhiker, played by Andy Ritchie, rode shotgun, while John's wife, Anna, drove. (John was doing a stand-up show that night and wouldn't join us until later.) In addition to color correcting the shot, I decided to crop and shrink our standard two shot of John and Andy and "paste" it over the windshield and have it track with the moving van. To see the film, click here.


Joshua Hoppman said...

That's a pretty funny movie! You guy's did a great job. It's amazing what a simple color correction can do to a film.

sbhebert said...

Nice work on the grade. Did you use Color or built-in FCP stuff or something else?

Richard Ramsey said...

Thanks, Joshua! Yeah, color correction does make a huge difference.

Yeah, we used the three-way color wheels in FCP. And I used the basic motion controls to put John and Andy on the windshield of the exterior shot.

Ramin said...

again, great job on color correction

it would be interesting to see a cut without it and without music