Monday, January 18, 2010

"Love Your Enemies"

"Now let me hasten to say that Jesus was very serious when he gave this command; he wasn't playing. He realized that it's hard to love your enemies. He realized that it's difficult to love those persons who seek to defeat you, those persons who say evil things about you. He realized that it was painfully hard, pressingly hard. But he wasn't playing. And we cannot dismiss this passage as just another example of Oriental hyperbole, just a sort of exaggeration to get over the point. This is a basic philosophy of all that we hear coming from the lips of our Master. Because Jesus wasn't playing; because he was serious. We have the Christian and moral responsibility to seek to discover the meaning of these words, and to discover how we can live out this command, and why we should live by this command."
-Martin Luther King
Sermon: "Loving Your Enemies"
Delivered at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church
Montgomery, Alabama, 17 November 1957
To read Martin Luther King's sermon in its entirety, click here. What an inspiring testament to the fact that Jesus' meant what He said, and that what He said actually works.

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