Friday, February 12, 2010

"The Life Project" In Development

The Life Project from City on a Hill Productions.

I'm currently in the process of writing "The Life Project"-a video series aimed at inspiring those involved in crisis pregnancies to choose life. For various reasons, this has proved to be a daunting project from a writer's standpoint, and I would truly appreciate your prayers as I continue.

This project is very dear to my heart. I am the son of a crisis pregnancy. My parents (still together) chose life. They've never regretted that decision, and I'm confident no one ever does.

I hope you will take the time to watch this video to learn about this very important upcoming film series and that you will consider donating to this project. If you'd like to do so, click here.


Anonymous said...

Your confident no one does? You need more life experience.

I find abortion abhorrent but to state that every parent appreciates their children is just the height of cluelessness.

Abortion is a difficult and emotional tragedy for all involved but living in a fantasy world that stopping all those abortions will lead to plum lives for the children is simply a fantasy.

Richard Ramsey said...

Perhaps I have attained that life experience in the last eight months'm no longer confident that no one does.

Incidentally, the film's script was altered to reflect that change of mind (You'll notice the title of the post contains the words, "In Development.")

I didn't say it would lead to "plum lives." I simply said it would lead to lives, which is beyond debate.

I hope you are not arrogant enough to believe you are capable of debating and determining which lives are worth living.

I hope you get a chance to see the film when it comes out. You'll find it far less judgmental and presumptuous than your posts.

Richard Ramsey said...

Having thought about my comment, I apologize for my snarky remark about the project being in development.

It is perfectly understandable that you would think that what is stated on my blog still accurately reflects my current beliefs.

My point, which I could have made better, is that I do not live in a fantasy land at the height of cluelessness. I am willing to adapt my views and art to accommodate new information. And, while I understand these are emotional issues, your response is judgmental and needlessly combatitive.

lovebrynn said...

This is really cool project, Richie. I volunteered at a pregnancy help center before we had Silas. The video's there were AWFUL. Everybody had huge hair and puffy sleeves - I don't think anybody could relate to it.

You may have already read this, but this article really helped me better understand the viewpoint of the women have crisis pregnancies. It's worth a read: