Friday, August 6, 2010

"Double Negative" Deconstructed

Wow! Someone posted "Double Negative" on, giving us quite a view boost and a very impressive script breakdown (by someone named "empath"). I'll add a few notes in red since empath did most of the work (and since I now finally get the joke):

"There ain't a person in the world worth waiting for besides you."

"Don't say it that way buck" (objecting to "ain't")

"It ain't gonna change what I mean"

"Where'd you learn to speak like that" (ungrammatically)

"At the end of the day, I'm just a man with a drink who can't win"

"You make it sound like you're putting down the drink, you're just a man who can't win and that's all there is to it" (clarifying the previous sentence)

Also, the words "putting down" can be taken to mean "literally setting the drink down" or "insulting the drink" by saying that the drink (rather than Buck) can't win.

"I know what you're inferring,"
"I know what you're implying" (Correcting him -- one infers from listening, one implies by speaking).

"Say you got a light"

"I have a light" (complying and correcting "got" with "have")

"Can I bum it?"

"You may." The old Can I?/May I? thing.

"Say, you put these in your pocket after we swum the channel"

"After we, no that doesn't sound right" (Swam not swum)

"I wanna say everything is gonna turn out good, can I just tell you that?"

"No, you can't" ('well' not 'good')

"Well then I'll ask you, are you and me gonna turn out good?"

"You and I, Buck" (Subjective case!)

"Who else is there in the world besides you and I?"

"You and me, Buck" (Objective case, Buck!)

"There's no one else kid."

"You can say that you and I are going to turn out well." (If you wanted to have proper grammar).

"Is that right?"

"Yes, I'm sure of it." (grammatically)

"Good, because it's hard to walk you when you have me head of heels and the world turned upside down and sometimes I don't know if I can take this any farther."

"What are you saying, Buck?" (could you have mixed any more metaphors?)

"I'm wondering if we have any future."

"Well then it should be, oh how should I say this -- "I don't think we should take this any further." (If you're talking about time rather than distance, then you should use further instead of farther).

"Oh so now I'm just done?"

"Finished, Buck" (I think this is actually a non-error, but a lot of people say that people were finished and food was done) "Oh can't you see I'm trying to teach you a lesson" (an English Lesson?)

"How many whiskey's have I drank?"

"Drunk" (I have drunk, I drank)

"Seems like something's come in and caused trouble between me, you and the world."

"Leave the world out of it. If there's something divided between people, it's between just two people" (among/between)

"Love me."

"What kind of a statement is that?"

"It's Imperative"

"That's right." (You're learning!)

"It's like I've got two outstretched arms waiting for you to fall into them."

"I can't fall in your arms, it's impossible. Here, let me make this easy. This gun is in my hands. If I shoot it, the bullet in the gun will go into your heart, you will collapse in pain, into a pile on the floor - you see?" (I don't actually get where she's getting at here, can someone explain?)

Someone else in the thread correctly explains that she using the gun as an object lesson to teach in/into distinction.

"Do that, and you'll be in jail in no time."

"That's the idea." (you got whatever point that I was trying to make)

"You and I should run away together."

"You and I?"

"It just sounds right, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Yes, Buck, it sounds perfect." (Finally!)

"I've never been loved by no one like this before."

"That's what they call a double negative." (Literally)

Thanks, empath! You saved me a lot of work!