Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Life Project

Last year, I had the privilege of directing and writing what will hopefully be the first of many episodes in "The Life Project." From Shane Sooter's blog:
I’m thrilled to premiere these films, each designed to quickly reach the hearts of women facing a crisis pregnancy. Responding to advice of our pregnancy center partners, we crafted three versions of the same story – one with a Caucasian cast, one with an African American cast, and one with a Hispanic cast speaking Spanish. On a creative level, its fascinating to see the many subtle variations created by the different casts. But I hope that nuances like that are lost on you as you watch the first time. I hope that you are drawn into the story, that you are moved, and that you are eager to share this tool with others. Enjoy.


BRY TAYLOR said...

Well done. I was very moved. Thanks for using your talents to honor Him. I especially liked the matter what your decision, God will always love you.

Richard Ramsey said...

Thanks, Bry!

As the blog mentions, much of the story was constructed through consultation with women who work in pregnancy centers.

One of our advisors had extensive sidewalk counseling experience. She's the one who told us to include the line you mentioned. It's something she's said many times.