Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"The Song" On Pinterest

A couple of months ago, my wife introduced me to It's basically a virtual cork board. You create different boards, and if you like a photo on the internet, you can "pin" it to your collection. At this point, my pinterest account is entirely dedicated to "The Song."

So far, I have set up boards for all the characters, and one of the major locations. When working in collaboration, it's important to be able to get images out of your head so that others can understand and add to them, and make composites of them. That way, over time, all the creatives for the film begin to see the same characters...and, thus, the same film.


The story takes us from Jed’s early twenties, when he’s a gifted, charismatic, optimistic, and wise-beyond-his-years aspiring singer-songwriter, to his early thirties, when he’s famous, burnt out, and world-weary. Basically, imagine someone who could write the contemporary equivalent of Song of Solomon at age 23 and the write Ecclesiastes at 33.

As I stated earlier, "The Avett Brothers" accounted for a substantial chunk of my iPod playlist while I was writing "The Song." To me, Scott Avett (above) is very Jed. His music has incredible depth...and, on stage, he's a hurricane of barely, but brilliantly controlled chaos.


Jed’s sweetheart and later wife.  She’s the radiant, lovely, intelligent, and innocent girl next door (if you lived on a picturesque farm) that your mom and the Bible told you should marry.

Finding pictures for this character has been tough.  In fact, I'm not even thrilled with the one I posted above.  Seeing as Rose is not a musician, there's not a famous person who comes to mind when I try to picture her.  So, I don't really know what or who to "Google" when searching for a picture that captures her essence.


This character on the other hand...well....I've found that my "villains" are often the most quick to mentally materialize for me.  Makes me want to do a film where the villain is the main character.

Shelby's the girl you wouldn’t take anywhere near your mom. One of Jed’s fellow musicians, she’s beautiful, brazen, and sultry. While the real Solomon was brought down by 700 wives and 300 concubines…well…Jed has Shelby.

I'm not in any way saying that Nicole Atkins (pictured above and whom I have never met) is personally like Shelby -just that she has a great look and style (fashion and music).  And, the audience response to her singing (at the 1:36 mark) in the below video is a striking testimony to her ability to captivate and enchant an audience...

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