Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Song: Catholics Champion The Movie

Caitlin Nicol-Thomas as Shelby Bale and Alan Powell as Jed King

It fills with me with immense gratitude and joy to see Catholic leaders, organizations, and bloggers embracing The Song. Click on links below to read the full articles/reviews.

"The beauty of the faithful love of husband and wife is showcased in a moving portrayal of a man and woman who fall in love and conquer the world’s challenges. This movie, based on Holy Scripture’s ‘Song of Songs,’ leads the viewer to yearn for a faithful love of such deep and lasting beauty and helps us appreciate the sacrifices such a love in this life requires and deserves. Our world needs such a compelling witness, which is too often missed in the glitter of today’s fast-paced culture of impulsive and shallow relationships." 
-Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D., Archbishop of Louisville and President of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops 

"The Song is filled with beauty—breathtaking scenery, attractive actors, and a captivating soundtrack that is Mumford & Sons-esque—but it is the voiceover of Jed King quoting from The Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes about the meaning of life that adds another layer of depth and elevates this movie to art." 
"...a 'mini-masterpiece'” 
"...This is what Christian movie-making should look like." 
- Lori Hadacek Chaplin, CatholicMatch.com

“The power of The Song comes not only from the beautiful blend of Scripture, music, and married life lived large on the screen, but from the way it lays bare the sacrifices and surrender that true love requires of both spouses. The Song will make you rethink your own marriage and the ways you are – or are not — living out your vows to love, honor, and cherish your spouse.” 
-Mary DeTurris Poust, Not Strictly Spiritual Blog

The Song is strong in message, casting, and production. The Song of Solomon was a Golden thread interwoven with great music, and the messiness of real life. This Thread of God’s word made a great movie a gorgeous quality tapestry. 
-Marya Jauregui, CatholicMom.com

"I liked that we had to see what happens when half of a married couple forsakes integrity (doing what you say you will), honesty (telling the truth), and communication (as it applies to expectations, thoughts, feelings, sex, you name it) — all of which a marriage needs if it’s to thrive. And I liked that Jed learned that all his choices but one added nothing to his life." 
-Arleen Spenceley, ArleenSpencely.com

"This movie takes a look at the difficulties of married life and how if marriage is not properly looked after, it can wither and die. This movie also takes a look at how the role of confession, penance, and redemption can save not just a marriage but also a man’s soul." 
-Angela Calabro, Family Theatre Productions

"There are countless gems that shine through this movie – the biblical wisdom subtly woven throughout, the countless lessons to learn, and just plain enjoying a movie well done. Don’t miss the release this Friday, September 26th." 
-Katie Sciba, CatholicWife.net

Also, here is an article on the film by Catholic News Service, and here Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle interviews Alan Poweel for The Catholic World Report.

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